Medical Power of Attorney

Most people do not think about a Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) until it is too late. Recently a wife asked her husband, “When you get dementia, do you still want a flu shot”?

If someone has a MPOA why do they have to ask anything. **Each state has its own rules for MPOA. Check with your personal attorney. This is an example under Texas Law Chapter 166, Subchapter D of the Texas Health and Safety Code. The MPOA appoints someone to make medical decisions when you can’t. Your medical agent has no authority until the attending physician certifies in writing that you are incompetent. You may still object to your agent’s decision to give or withhold treatment. You are in charge as long as you can communicate.

Your medical agent is supposed to make the decision you prefer, not the one he or she prefers.

The American Bar Association offers a Tool Kit for Health Care Advance Planning. Tool #7, The Proxy Quiz for Family or Physician is the one to take. To get a copy start at Take the quiz with your spouse (or your agent). You may find similarity in some of your wishes, or it may need more discussion. Start on it today. Do not wait until after the fact.

Working Longer

A recent survey by found a major shift in how people extend their working lives:
70%: Those who plan to work as a long as possible during retirement
38%: Share of those who plan to work during retirement who will do so because they like to work.
35%: Share of those who plan to keep working who will do so because they need the money.
13%: Those who plan to retire in their 50’s

Coming into our office we find people are choosing to work longer mainly because they never made a plan for retirement and did not save enough.

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Money Saving Tip: Drive Safe

Having one moving violation can increase auto insurance premiums for years. Premiums can jump 33 percent for a DUI in North Carolina. The premiums in Illinois can rise 99 percent for speeding 30 miles over the limit. Try to avoid a rate hike by asking your insurer for forgiveness, taking a driving class or plea bargaining to a lesser offense.

“You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it”. Tennessee Williams

A Better Identity Management

Civic has launched an identity management service. It is a free service. The alerts are in real time, It shows when your identity information like address or social security number is being used to open an account.
In addition to credit monitoring it will let you know when your email account or phone number is being used and you can mark as authorized or fraudulent. This is all done in real time. Check it out!

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Secure Your Documents Safely

Fidelity has officially launched a free service called Fidsafe, which lets you store copies of important documents online. Wills, health care proxies, power of attorney documents, passwords, credit card and passport numbers, and insurance information can be securely stored.
There’s a mobile app, which can come in extremely handy as I recently learned. A relative of mine was taken to the emergency room in the middle of the night, but I didn’t have her medical insurance information or her ID handy. Nor did I have her advance directive, which the hospital wanted before starting treatment. She’s better now, and all her important documents are in a FidSafe file (

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