Reaching a market top?

There are many reasons for caution as the stock market marches higher.

    • Corporate insiders are selling at a feverish pace.

    • The Fed continues to hint that tapering will begin soon (this will take the liquidity out of the bubble balloon).

    • Margin debt at record levels

    • Investor complacency as “VIX” hits 10 year low.

    • Huge inflows of small investor monies from cash to equities (after sitting on the sidelines for 5 years. Small investors always buy high and sell low).

    • Professional investors are raising cash.

    • Warnings from top money managers of bubble like conditions.

    • Every sector in the market is up substantially versus 1999 when it was just tech stocks.

    • Small cap stocks are super expensive.

The Fed will keep interest rates low which will move the market to continue upward for a while. The higher it goes the greater the drop. Check with your advisor and review your Investment Policy and the standard deviation you are willing to accept. Then, get your strategy in place.

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