Progressive Policies

Most people do not connect the dots in life especially when it comes to economics. A politician with a “gift for gab” can convince people that the benefits of a new program can be helpful to them today. Few people actually think through the ramifications. Liberal “progressive” socialistic thinking has decimated every country in the world that communism ever touched. In the U.S. we have had over 50 years of liberal progressive policies slowly pushed into our lives which has created countless problems. The majority of people that view today’s problems just think that these problems were created out of thin air.

Martin Conrad wrote an insightful piece in the March 23, 2015 issue of Barron’s, 50 Years of “Progress”. I urge you to read this and reflect on what these policies have done in your life. The next time a “progressive” politician proposes a new “no cost to you but a life time benefit for you”, well you may vote differently. My favorite line is: “Be careful of the person who vows to take care of you, for soon your care taker will be your jailer”.

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