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The Optimism Quiz: Are you a Pessimist, Optimist or a Realist? (Excerpts from December 2016 Article of Success Magazine)

Being an optimist has benefits that extend beyond feeling cheery. In fact, optimists react better to stress, have more satisfying romantic relationships and are less likely to suffer from depression and hypertension. See if you have what it takes to be an optimist in this little quiz.

Rate the following statement as:

1 = Strongly disagree
2 = Somewhat disagree
3 = Neutral
4 = Somewhat agree
5 = Strongly agree

No looking ahead at the answer guide!

___ 1. I am grateful for even the smallest things in life.
___ 2. I am motivated by other people’s stories of achievement.
___ 3. I don’t let what others do or say negatively affect me.
___ 4. I welcome and accept change.
___ 5. I acknowledge the important people in my life.
___ 6. I try to feel like a kid whenever possible.
___ 7. I take the time to eat right, exercise and relax.
___ 8. I still enjoy my favorite hobbies.
___ 9. I hold myself accountable to achieve my purpose and passion.
___ 10. I am persistent in all of my efforts until I feel I have completed them.


10 – 22 = Pessimist
23 – 36 = Realist
27 – 50 = Optimist

Optimists have some of the highest qualities of gratitude, hope, altruism and persistence.

Keep a positive outlook!

Improve your Life

As An avid reader of Success Magazine I found these 10 action steps that may help enhance your life. Try it!
Drink Up
This week, commit to drinking more water and nixing the sugary drinks. Note the changes in your skin tone, happiness and energy levels.
Light the Fire
Schedule a brainstorm session to solve a nagging problem. Encourage all new ideas, even the off-the-wall ones.
Let the Games Begin
Plan a family game tournament and prepare special treats for the event. Soak up the bonding time and save the to-do list for tomorrow.
Add It Up
Tonight evaluate your spending habits. Choose one small weekly expense (one less cappuccino or one less restaurant meal) to cut from your budget. Tuck away those savings for a vacation next year.
Get Inspired
Pick a movie or book that inspires you this weekend. Watch it alone and jot down whatever crazy ideas pop into your head. Revisit your notes and act on the best ones.
Face Up
Sign up to do one thing that scares you – a singles happy hour, a skydiving course, a cooking class. Commit to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Buddy System
Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Schedule a coffee or lunch date to catch up and remember the importance of making your friends and family feel special.
Take Stock
Tonight, write down your top three passions. Assess whether your current lifestyle matches or is headed toward achieving that list.
Speak Up
Whenever your creative genius strikes – a more efficient process, a new place for the company lunch, a crazy idea you’ve been scared to mention – act on it quickly. Relish your newfound confidence.
Give Back
Find a local charity organization and schedule time to volunteer. Enlist family, friends and co-workers to join you.

Earning More

Check out these 11 ways to make money on the side.

Whether you’re unemployed, underpaid or simply want a little more walkin’ – around money,, a personal-finance website providing clarity about life’s decisions, compiled this list of flexible ways to earn more.

If you live in a large city…

1. Drive for a ride-booking service like Uber or Lyft.

2. Deliver something delicious. Try earning cash on your own schedule by delivering restaurant meals for companies such as DoorDash or Caviar.

3. Become a personal shopper. Companies (Instacart is one) will pay you to grocery-shop for their customers.

4. Do odd jobs. Consider signing up to be a “Tasker” who runs errands in one of the 19 metro areas where TaskRabbit operates.

If you’re good at…

5. Writing-try freelancing

6. Math-be a tutor

7. Photography-submit your photos.

8. Illustrating-do graphic design.

If you want to work from home…

9. Join a focus group

10. Sign up for Mechanical Turk. Taking on simple tasks-writing user reviews and answering business surveys, for instance-on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service is a simple way to make money on the side.

11. Complete projects on Upwork. Put the skills you learned in college to use on websites such as Upwork.