Homeowner Insurance Policy Savings by Paul Ferraresi

*When you have property damage like plumbing or roof leak do something. Don’t let a small leak do more harm to your home. It is your responsibility to mitigate problems. Insures can refuse to pay for a loss you could have prevented.
* Insurance companies offer discounts for improvements that make your homes a better risk. These can include indoor sprinklers, smoke detectors and dead bolts. Contact your agent as you can be missing out on great discounts.
* Inform your agent about upgrades. Examples are new plumbing and electrical systems, or, burglar alarms. One client did upgrades and cut yearly premiums by $400.
* Think twice before filing a claim especially if it is less than $1000 above your deductible. The premium increase after a few years will be greater than the amount of your claim. The purpose of this type of policy is to cover a catastrophe not every nick. If you file 2 claims in a 3 year period you are sure to get a rate hike or they may even drop you completely.

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