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Ways to Save $,Part 2

Here are a few other ways to save some money:

* Buy pills and split them. Ask your doctor if it is cheaper to get half the amount of double strength medication than normal strength. Then split each pill into two doses with a $5 device.

*Buy refilled ink cartridges. In many cases you pay $20 for a refilled version versus $80 for a new one.

*Vacation in a dorm room. Colleges overseas rent summer dorm rooms. Savings can be substantial. Go to:

*Take a defensive driving course. Many auto insurers will drop 10% off your annual premium. Call them before attending class to see if it is worthwhile.

*Market old Electronics. Once popular items have become collectables. See EBAY for prices. A first generation IPOD was selling for $150.

*Raise your deductible . If you raise your homeowner policy from $500 to $1000 you could save 25%. The rule is a payback in 8 years. So, if you increase deductible by $500 the premium savings needs to be at least $60 per year.

Hope this helps. Remember any money saved is not spent. Invest it for your future!

Ways to Save $$$ , Part 1

* Sell to Amazon. They accept a slew of old items like videogames, books and Kindle Readers for trade-in, or, in exchange for a gift card. Check out the Trade-In Store. If listed, then print out the shipping label and send it.

* Get Free E-books. Download 60,000 public domain E-books at

* Mulch for Free. Google your County name and “free mulch” or ‘free compost” to see if it is offered.

* Dine for less. offers discounted gift certificates.

* Call before you pay. Banks and Credit Card companies will usually waive a rare late payment fee. That can save you $35-$39.

* Skip Rental Car Insurance. Check with your Carrier first to see if you are covered adequately. Most times your Auto Policy covers the use of Rental cars. Save a bundle each time you rent.

Now , you know me. With these savings Don’t Spend it ,rather, invest the savings for your future

Before you Leave for that Vacation

Some tips:
* Run your garbage disposal with lemon rinds and cold water. This will avoid a smelly homecoming

* Pause your mail delivery. Piled up mail is a sign that no one is home. Go to: Pick it up or have it delivered when you return.

* Unplug unused appliances. To save on electricity pull the plug on microwaves, coffee makers and any appliances that draw power to run a clock.

* Thwart potential thieves by having a security sign outside( although a security system is best). Also, toss gravel on the ground near entries as it is noisy.

* Check social media. Do NOT post to the world that you are leaving or send photos while you are away. Wait to share when you return.

Have a fun and safe time.

How to Save Money on Home and Auto Insurance

Four ideas to save on your home or auto coverage:

1) Contact your agent when you retire or get laid off as you stop driving 20 miles or more to and from work. There is a discount for driving fewer miles

2) Insure your identity. It is available as a rider on many homeowner policies for about $25. Your insurer will work with police and credit bureaus to restore your name, and, reimburse costs related to restoring your credit.

3) Save around $100 per year with some insurance companies by installing a tracking device to monitor your driving habits.( for some of you this may end up costing your more :) )

4) Before you file a claim, talk with your agent to make sure it is valid. Some things are not covered and a bad claim in the database could make it tougher to file a later claim

Hope this helps….

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