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IRA Mistakes on RMD- #3

What happens when a person gets RMD aggregation wrong?
There are two potential penalties when people make RMD aggregation mistakes: the penalty for excess contributions and the penalty for missed RMDs.

RMDs that are rolled over to another retirement plan create an excess contribution in the receiving account, which must be corrected as soon as possible.
When an excess contribution is corrected by October 15 of the year after the year for which the contribution was made, the amount of the excess plus or minus the gains or losses attributable to the amount of excess contribution must be removed from the account as well.
Excess contributions that are not corrected are subject to a penalty of 6% per year for every year they remain in the account. Form 5329 should be filed with the IRA owner’s tax return to report the excess contribution and to calculate the 6%.

When a distribution is taken from the wrong type of account, you have a missed RMD. For example, suppose a person accidentally takes the 403(b) RMD from his IRA. This is against the rules. The person has a missed RMD in the 403(b). The penalty for a missed RMD is a steep one- it is 50% of the amount not taken.

Most people use qualified plans like 401k,403(b) and IRAs to save for retirement, but, the tax traps are so heavy that I do not recommend using them. I share with my clients much better accumulation strategies that provide tax FREE income for life and are not a tax trap like these other vehicles.