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Elder Care

No one enjoys the thought of needing assistance in their later years. The issue comes up when thinking of oneself or their parents. Naturally, everyone hopes they live a full, active life until 105, go to bed one night, fully asleep, and die in their sleep without any pain.

Practically and logically speaking, that may not be reasonable. The second-best option us to stay at home with some simple assistance to live out our final days. Here again, we do not make that choice.

When planning for our “away from home care” there are a few options that are being used more: Continuing Care Community (ccc), or Lifecare Community (LCC).
In a CCC, there are lower entrance fees, but, when one needs more care in the future, costs really escalate, and one may have to leave due to affordability. In an LCC, costs stay the same as one moves to higher levels of care. Now in most cases, one must be healthy enough to enter, and have a reasonable expectation of living independently for at least 5 years before needing higher care. The fees are higher than in a CCC, but no surprises when one needs extra help.

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