Advance directives and an in-hospital DNR

Each state has different rules( using Texas rules here) but here are three advance directives to communicate your medical wishes and to designate your spokesperson: 1) a Directive to Physicians (the so-called Living Will), 2) a Medical Power of Attorney, and 3) an Out-of-Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate (OOH-DNR) Order. Lawyers typically include the first two in basic estate planning packages. Only doctors can complete the third.
The Directive to Physicians applies when you cannot communicate and have a terminal or irreversible condition. The standard choices are withhold life support or do not withhold life support. Custom language is allowed, e.g., let my doctor and my agent decide together.

The Medical Power of Attorney applies when your doctor certifies you are incompetent to make medical decisions. The agent is supposed to communicate the decision you would have made.

The OOH- DNR allows you to refuse CPR, airway management, ventilation, and cardiac pacing or defibrillation. It applies to nursing homes, clinic, and other out of Hospital settings, e.g., home or a restaurant. (

DNRs are not just for the terminally ill. Skilled nursing and assisted living facilities tend to offer them to all new residents, not just the sick ones. Cardiac patients who live at home may also have a DNR. These people have not given up hope, but are skeptical about being revived with CPR or sustained on a ventilator. Many lead happy normal lives. They take their vitamins, see their doctors and get flu shots.

DNR patients also go to the hospital. When transported a copy of the OOH- DNR must go with the patient. The OOH-DNR is effective in the emergency room. It is not effective once the patient is admitted to the hospital.

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