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A Letter to Remember by Paul E. Ferraresi

Complete your estate plan with this one last bit of paperwork

The most common thing people talk about at the end of their lives is Regret. Regret that they haven’t spoken enough loving words to their spouse, or told their children how much they cared, or apologize for doing something hurtful, or thanked that special friend. It’s not too late as long as you can still put pen on paper. Think about writing your family or best friends a “last letter”, showing what’s in your heart. Your words will make their lives a little better.

It’s often tough to get started on such a letter especially when you’re still healthy and don’t feel an immediate needs but there’s help. The Stanford Letter Project, founded by Periyakoil, offers a friends-and-family template letter for your thoughts, as well as suggestions on what to include. You’ll find the temple and sample letter at

A last letter from you should be one of love and Reconciliation, not spite. Death does not end your responsibility to those you leave behind. Finally remember to thank people for the love and care that you have received and say goodbye.

While you are at it , you know, a kind note to be given to a loved one today, not after you are gone, would uplift their day and yours.

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