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Improve your Life

As An avid reader of Success Magazine I found these 10 action steps that may help enhance your life. Try it!
Drink Up
This week, commit to drinking more water and nixing the sugary drinks. Note the changes in your skin tone, happiness and energy levels.
Light the Fire
Schedule a brainstorm session to solve a nagging problem. Encourage all new ideas, even the off-the-wall ones.
Let the Games Begin
Plan a family game tournament and prepare special treats for the event. Soak up the bonding time and save the to-do list for tomorrow.
Add It Up
Tonight evaluate your spending habits. Choose one small weekly expense (one less cappuccino or one less restaurant meal) to cut from your budget. Tuck away those savings for a vacation next year.
Get Inspired
Pick a movie or book that inspires you this weekend. Watch it alone and jot down whatever crazy ideas pop into your head. Revisit your notes and act on the best ones.
Face Up
Sign up to do one thing that scares you – a singles happy hour, a skydiving course, a cooking class. Commit to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Buddy System
Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Schedule a coffee or lunch date to catch up and remember the importance of making your friends and family feel special.
Take Stock
Tonight, write down your top three passions. Assess whether your current lifestyle matches or is headed toward achieving that list.
Speak Up
Whenever your creative genius strikes – a more efficient process, a new place for the company lunch, a crazy idea you’ve been scared to mention – act on it quickly. Relish your newfound confidence.
Give Back
Find a local charity organization and schedule time to volunteer. Enlist family, friends and co-workers to join you.

Market Swoon

The volatile stock market’s action from July 2015 to present has given most people anxiety.

Over those many weeks none of our clients franticly called in because we had positioned their money into safe vehicles that never lose when the market drops. No I am not talking about parking their money in a cash account. For multiple years this Blog has extolled the virtues of Tax Free Investment vehicles that rise when the market advances but never participates in a loss.

It amazes me that since the year 2000 the average investor has not become whole (on an inflation adjusted basis). Wow! Fifteen years of a zero rate of return. As one approaches, say, age 45 you have to think seriously about locking into something that produces a safe rate of return. Volatility is not your friend. If you are 45 or 50, can you handle another 15 year period of zero return so you enter retirement with the same nest egg as today?

Even if you are 60 you need to protect your assets from a 15 year period of zero returns so they do not wither away as you approach 70-75.
Why do people keep doing the same thing over and over? Why do they keep losing 40-50% in 2000, 2008 and now again?

Ah, the definition of insanity! Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

New Year Resolution- Health

The secrets to success in anything is simply doing a few correct things every day. I am fascinated at how people start the New Year with resolutions (I hate resolutions as they depict the negative side of a success. Rather, I work on my “goals”). Funny, most people have as a “resolution or goal”… to get healthy. Tell me I am wrong here, but, have you noticed on January 2nd of each year the workout centers are full; it takes 45 minutes to get on a machine; or, you see people are lining the streets to jog. Amazingly, on February 15th (the day after “sweetie’s” day) there is no one in the workout center or jogging except those that know the secret in this area… consistent effort. As Reverend Schuller so graciously put it… “Spectacular performance is always preceeded by unspectacular preparation.”

I have listed this link before but it is worth repeating. If health is one of your goals for this year by all means write down 10 reasons why you want to improve your health. As we all know, if the “why” is strong enough, then, the “how” is easy.

Go to this site… … As you take the test be honest with yourself. Pay attention to the questions as you can vividly see what will not allow you to live beyond 100. My test results showed I will live to 108! So it is true… the good die young. :)

Here is my New Year wish for you… that you reach every goal and dream you have for this year and every year of your life.

How long must my money last?

During our working years, most people have a financial goal of accumulating enough money to retire. Usually our time horizon is known; that is, we know how long we want to or have to work to accumulate enough money to retire. Another goal during our working years is often to obtain as high a rate of return as possible without taking more risk than necessary.

During our retirement years, the financial goal is typically to try to make sure that our money will last for the remainder of our lives. Since none of us know how long we will live, our time horizon is unknown. This uncertainty oftentimes makes retirement income planning very challenging. The investment objective in retirement often becomes obtaining as much income as possible without outliving our money – that is, having too much life left at the end of the money. This raises some interesting financial planning and tax questions, such as how to invest retirement funds and how to systematically withdraw funds from tax-exempt, tax-deductible and taxable accounts.

When I work with clients, I prefer to assume that they will live longer than the average because I want to try to protect them from running out of money. I’d rather they have some money going to heirs than for them to find themselves broke during their lifetimes. I encourage my clients to plan on living at least into their mid-90’s, or longer.

As a result, some people may choose to work longer than they initially planned. Moreover, retirement-income planning options need to be carefully planned and monitored.

Reach Every Goal

I am writing this in early April and over 25% of the year has passed. How many of your resolutions or goals have you completed? Studies show that 97% of people never complete any of the goals they set out. This has been true since the beginning of time.

When I was a youngster (6-7 years) my folks taught all of us how to set goals. (Remember a long term goal for a 6 year old is summer break or Christmas.)

Dad would always “tie in” something to the goal. That is, if we completed the goal by the agreed date we got a reward (our choice), maybe, an ice cream cone or to see a movie. If we did not complete the goal, well it “cost” us, possibly loss of allowance for a week, wash the kitchen floor or weed the garden. I found that the “cost” when tasted once became a real driver to reach the goal, more so, than the reward of, say, the ice cream.

In my adult years I have done the same thing. Being very disciplined I set my own rewards and costs. It has worked so effectively for me.

Unfortunately, some people are not as disciplined as I am. Which is fine. They need a “coach” to monitor them. (You do not want me as a coach … I push people to limits they never dreamed of.)

I found a site that will act like a coach for you. It is called “STICKK” (

• You list your goal(s)
• Then, set the stakes (it can be money)
If you do not meet the goals the money goes to a friend, charity or an organization you hate!!
• You choose a referee
This person monitors and confirms your progress. Maybe a friend or coworker.
• You can even add in friends to support and encourage you.

Since my dad is no longer around to push you to your goals…. Why not try the site. (

Let me know how it worked out for you (