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Improve your Life

As An avid reader of Success Magazine I found these 10 action steps that may help enhance your life. Try it!
Drink Up
This week, commit to drinking more water and nixing the sugary drinks. Note the changes in your skin tone, happiness and energy levels.
Light the Fire
Schedule a brainstorm session to solve a nagging problem. Encourage all new ideas, even the off-the-wall ones.
Let the Games Begin
Plan a family game tournament and prepare special treats for the event. Soak up the bonding time and save the to-do list for tomorrow.
Add It Up
Tonight evaluate your spending habits. Choose one small weekly expense (one less cappuccino or one less restaurant meal) to cut from your budget. Tuck away those savings for a vacation next year.
Get Inspired
Pick a movie or book that inspires you this weekend. Watch it alone and jot down whatever crazy ideas pop into your head. Revisit your notes and act on the best ones.
Face Up
Sign up to do one thing that scares you – a singles happy hour, a skydiving course, a cooking class. Commit to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Buddy System
Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Schedule a coffee or lunch date to catch up and remember the importance of making your friends and family feel special.
Take Stock
Tonight, write down your top three passions. Assess whether your current lifestyle matches or is headed toward achieving that list.
Speak Up
Whenever your creative genius strikes – a more efficient process, a new place for the company lunch, a crazy idea you’ve been scared to mention – act on it quickly. Relish your newfound confidence.
Give Back
Find a local charity organization and schedule time to volunteer. Enlist family, friends and co-workers to join you.

Transform Yourself

Change is hard. Really hard. Research shows that people, in general, experience extreme difficulty changing a single habit.


• Seventy percent of borrowers who take out home equity loans to consolidate debt wind up with higher debt within two years, according to the nonprofit Cambridge Credit Counseling.
• A University of Scranton study found that a mere 8 percent of people keep their New Year’s resolutions.
• Just 20 percent of obese dieters sustain a 10 percent weight loss for more than a year, according to the National Weight Control Registry.

In other words, humans stink at change. But change is doable. Before anything can change in your life, you have to shed light on it. There has to be a moment when you take a hard look at the truth and contend with the fact it is no longer acceptable. You must be uncomfortable to make a change.

Here are some steps that can help:

GET REAL WITH YOURSELF. If you’ve been stuck in trying to resolve problems with finances, health, relationships, career or other areas, seek tough love. “Ask for honest feedback from those you love.”

BUILD A SUPPORT NETWORK. Recent studies indicate that people you spend time with affect your habits, whether good or bad.

TAKE BABY STEPS. “The key to success is stringing together enough of the right decisions.” A Classic Stanford University study observed kids who had trouble with math. One group was instructed to set smaller goals to tackle math problems, while a second group was asked to set long term goals. The first group accurately solved 80 percent of the problems; the second group, only 40 percent.

FOCUS ON AVOIDING LOSS. Humans are more motivated to avoid loss than to attain gain. In other words, envisioning a life plagued with heart disease or an early death is a more powerful agent for creating healthy eating habits than picturing yourself looking hot in a swimsuit.

To support this research, the authors interviewed Apple customers waiting in line to buy new iPhones. Those who had just purchased the phone would not sell it for less than $1,218 over what they paid, but those who had not yet bought the iPhone wouldn’t pay more than $97 extra. In other words, Apple customers were 12 times more motivated by the fear of losing their new smartphones than they were to obtain new ones.

The $2 Rule

As a child growing up my parents always stressed the two traits of “Accountability” and “Responsibility”. Naturally, my sister, brother and I would always find excuses or stories of why we had not completed what was expected of us. (Such as specific chores, school grades, or, meeting agreed upon deadline). Mom and Dad would scold or discipline us for the excuses, and, they wanted us to separate ourselves from the 3 pitfalls of “Blame, Justification and Shame”.

So, they created a simple visual aid that had the words “Responsibility and Accountability” on the top of the page. Then, a horizontal line was drawn underneath those words, and, on the bottom half of the page were the words “Blame”, “Justification” and “Shame”. (By the way, this system was developed by Dr. Edward Demmings, after World War 2, as he instructed the Japanese on the rebuilding of their country).

If our childhood actions and words fell “above” the line it meant we were being “Responsible” and “Accountable” and were rewarded. If it fell “below” the line, that meant we were using the excuses of “Blame”, “Justification” or “Shame”. If our actions or words were below the line we had to throw 10 cents into a jar. Now, no one would point the finger at anyone else, but the words that would come out after an offense would be…Hmmm, isn’t that a 10 cent violation? You must understand that 10 cents back in the mid 1950’s was a lot of money. At the end of the month we would take all the money in the jar, as a family, and (1) give it to a charity, or, (2) go out and get ice cream for everyone.

Oh, one other thing…if we ever said a swear word in the house my mom, being diplomatic, would give us the option of (1) having our mouth washed out with yellow lye soap, or, (2) having to consume a 2 oz shot glass of crushed red pepper. For me, I always took the soap route…when mom asked, why, I told her…well, the hot pepper will “burn” twice – (think about it and you will get it).

I titled this the $2 rule because to this day my sister and brother with their kids do the same thing but the charge is $2. Naturally, Uncle Paul is on the watch to keep my nieces and nephews in line.
Try it out, not only at home but at the office. (Most companies see a huge surge in productivity when they implement the $2 rule).


Family Reading

Two short books that have made a distinct impression on my life and countless others are:

The Majesty of Calmness and The Power of Truth both were written by William George Jordan.

Both of these books are over 100 years old, yet, you would think they were written recently. (Since they are over 100 years old the copyright has expired and thus you can download and make copies without any issues.)

If you read to/with your children these books will establish a strong value system within them. One couple explained to me that sharing these books with their children, when they were young, produced life saving benefits. That is, in the teen years when the kids were asked to take illegal drugs, based on the books teachings, they answered – why would I even think of taking illegal drugs!!! That choice would ruin all the plans I have made for my life.

I have posted the books on one of my blog sites.

Go to:

In the top masthead hit “books” and read directly or download.

My wish for you and your family is truth, calmness and peace.

Success and Motivation

Orison Swett Marden, author of many books including…An Iron Will; Pushing to the Front; Selling in Tough Times; He Who Thinks He Can; Making life a Masterpiece and countless other books had a theme of success and motivation.

One of his letters dated 1922 had a quote at the top of the page, “Impossibilities are merely half-hearted efforts of quitters.”

Here are many of his other quotes. He was an early leader of the motivational speakers of today. I am hopeful you or one of your family members will find one of these helpful.

- Your judgment is your best friend; your common sense is your great life partner.

- Do not stop dreaming.

- Some of the greatest men in history never discovered themselves until they lost everything but their pluck and grit.

- Responsibility is a great power developer.

- Almost anybody can resolve to do a great thing; it is only the strong, determined character that puts the resolve into execution.

- No substitute has ever yet been discovered for honesty.

- Happiness is a condition of mind.

- The world makes way for the man with an idea.

- Poverty is of no value except as a vantage ground for a starting point.

- There is no word in the English language more misused and abused than “luck.”

- The idle man is like an idle machine. It destroys itself very quickly.

- Do not imitate. Originality is the best substitute for advertising.

- Many people are imprisoned by ignorance.

- To eliminate everything that can possibly retard us is the first preparation for a successful career.

- Get freedom at any cost.

- ‘It cannot be done’ cries the man without imagination. ‘It can be done, it shall be done’ cries the dreamer.

- No matter how humble your work may seem, do it in the spirit of an artist, of a master.

- Do not be afraid to trust yourself. Have faith in your own ability to think along original lines. If there is anything in you, self-reliance will bring it out.

- The very essence of happiness is honesty, sincerity, and truthfulness.